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Spring Skiing

Spring Skiing In Big Sky

January 30, 2019

With this year’s snowpack better than it’s been in decades, Big Sky is planning to stay open until at least April 22.

While the winter months might seem like the more logical time to take a ski trip, spring at Big Sky is another world entirely — and a really fun one, at that.

Check out these featured springtime events as you plan your springtime Big Sky itinerary.

Blue Sky Big Grass

Now the 13th annual Big Sky Big Grass, this festival combines two of everyone’s favorite things: bluegrass and spring skiing. The tunes plan for four days, and the lineup features acts that run from morning until late in the evening.

Most events take place at local venues, including Montana Jack, Chet’s Lounge, the Carabiner, and the Missouri Ballroom. Be sure to get your tickets early, as this is one of Big Sky’s most popular events.

Sunset Saturdays

Every Saturday starting on March 12, Big Sky’s iconic Ramcharger Chair stays open until 5 p.m. This gives you a chance to maximize those warm, sunlit spring days — and it gives you an excuse to not feel guilty about getting a later start in the morning.

Pond Skimming

Pond skimming is a classic at any major ski resort, and Big Sky is no exception. In mid-April, the mountain hosts the annual Big Sky Pond Skim where amateur competitors and seasoned veterans alike try to skim across a frigid pond. You’ll see hilarious costumes, epic wipeouts, and impressive feats of pond-skimming athleticism. If you sign up, you can even give pond skimming
your best shot.

Freeride World Qualifier

During your own runs, you can also watch professionals participate in the Freeride World Qualifier event at Big Sky. From March 29 until March 31, some of the world’s best riders will compete on the Big Sky stage.

Big Sky is an incredible mountain to visit any time of the year, and it’s especially beautiful during springtime. That frigid Montana air warms up and the suns stays out longer, allowing you to maximize days on the slopes and nights out in the town.

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