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Christy Sports
Christy Sports

Founded by skiers in the 70s, Christy Sports has a heritage of being passionate about the ski industry. After many years in the ski rental industry, they know that there's no such thing as the "best equipment".  There's only the equipment that's best for your wants and skills.  Choosing the right gear requires a great deal of experience and a great selection of product.  At Christy Sports you will find both.  Come see what a difference having serious skiers in the ski business makes. 

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Ski Butlers

Spend less time in the shops and more time on the slopes. Ski Butlers brings the rental shop to you on your schedule. They have top-notch equipment and a friendly and professional staff. Your family will love getting fitted for skis without having to leave the comfort of your lodging.

Ski Butlers is always on call in case you have an issue with your equipment and need to switch it out. They will meet you on the mountain so your day isn't disturbed!