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Plan Early for the Best Winter Vacation Experience

October 24, 2018

As you dream of visiting Montana where big views, big mountains and Big Sky await, consider a few tips to help make the most of your winter ski vacation. 

Reserve lift tickets, lessons and rentals in advance 
It's a good idea to reserve lift tickets, lessons and rentals all in advance.  The benefit is providing more time to ski and less time trying to decide what lesson to take or waiting in line to have your boots fit.  This is especially important when traveling with kids or a large group.  Take the hassle out of the start of your trip - after all fresh snow, deep powder and swooshing await.

Arrive early.  Especially on a powder day.
People in Montana get serious about their skiing.  It may be a cold morning, but that doesn't stop skiers and riders from trying to be first chair on a powder day.  The wait is never super long, but show up early and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and breakfast burrito as you grin with excitement to go big on the mountain.

Get lessons. 
We know lessons can seem expensive and perhaps even time consuming but if you are a new skier or have not skied in a while, do yourself a favor and sign up for a lesson. Everyone will have fun and feel safer when they are enjoying the activities and getting the most up-to-date instruction. 

Dress in layers. 
The temperatures can be sunny and warm at the base area, but when you go up a few thousand feet, the conditions may be significantly different.  You can easily take layers off, but you can't add layers on if you don't have them. Think ahead and pack the extra vest and that neck gator you debated to bring. It will save your ski day and keep you going on the slopes. There is nothing worse than being cold and having to miss out on a legendary Big Sky ski day.


Big Sky, Montana await your winter visit

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