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Find Peace and Powder During Spring Ski Season in Big Sky

February 7, 2024

It might surprise you to hear that spring skiing is the hidden gem of the ski season. During the spring months, most people have already abandoned the slopes and packed away their skiing equipment, leaving ski resorts wide open. Anyone who visits the resorts during the spring gets to enjoy a unique experience! Ready to learn more? Read on to find out about the spring ski season in Big Sky! 


What’s So Special About Spring Skiing? 

As we move from winter into spring, you’ll find that Big Sky transforms into a whole new mountain playground. Big Sky and many other ski resorts around the country get completely reborn when the weather starts to warm up! But don’t worry- that doesn’t mean that the quality of the ski slopes goes down. In the spring, you’ll get to enjoy a whole new skiing experience with lots of features that you’re sure to love. 

In the spring, the snow is softer than ever. In fact, the snow composition changes. Thanks to the melt-freeze cycle, you get new snow textures - including “corn snow,” which is some of the best snow for carving turns. Every run is exhilarating during the spring season! 

You can monitor the conditions on the slopes using https://opensnow.com/ 

As the sun warms the landscape, the mountains get significantly more comfortable. The peaceful, quiet atmosphere is another great perk that is sure to add to your enjoyment. The crowds seem to melt away as the ice does! This leaves the resorts with shorter lift lines and fewer disruptions, so you can savor the slopes without any inconvenience. You can easily take advantage of your favorite runs over and over again! 


Spring Skiing in Big Sky

In the spring, Big Sky boasts beautiful weather. The sunshine is sensational! What’s even better is that the sun doesn’t interrupt the snow. While the snowpack can be variable, the resort's high altitude usually helps it maintain good snow conditions until at least April. Grooming helps preserve the conditions as well! Most years, the resort is able to offer a lengthy ski season.

For most of the spring season, the resort is a tranquil slice of mountain paradise. Crowds tend to be smaller compared to the crowds during the peak season, but there are still busy spurts- particularly during spring break, when families and college students tend to seek out mountain escapes. 

Be sure to take some time to enjoy the attractions off of the slopes! There are lots of awesome activities available around Big Sky in the spring. You can hike or bike scenic trails, take a relaxing soak in the hot springs, explore the shops in the charming village, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment while you’re in town! The options are almost limitless! 


Spring Events 

Many ski resorts host special spring events and festivals, adding to the fun of spring skiing! You can expect live music, pond skims, costume contests, and plenty of good vibes. 

A few of the most popular events include…

  • Shedhorn Skimo (March 16): a world-class endurance race challenging participants to tackle one of the toughest SkiMo courses in the country 
  • Spring Series Apres (select dates in March and April): wind down after a day on the ski slopes with drinks and live music 

For more upcoming events at Big Sky Resort, visit: https://bigskyresort.com/events 

Closing weekend is April 28, so don’t worry- you still have lots of time left to enjoy skiing and other fun activities in Big Sky before the end of the ski season! Pack your sunscreen and get ready for an unforgettable spring ski trip!

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